Google build a power, flexible cloud eco-system: Google Doc, Googe Sheet, Google Cloud, Gmail…

But in some case, we want do something customize for us, or build new funtions that Google Cloud has not built .. Google Apps Script is answer.

Oh, what is it? It ‘s all Javascript on Cloud that increase the power of your favorite Google apps:

11 Google apps, 1 platform in the cloud


Google Apps Script let us do more with Google.

There are some powerful script with Google Apps Script:

  1. Files Permissions Explorer – See who has access to your shared files and folders in Google Drive and whether they view or edit permissions.
  2. Google Form File Uploads – You can receive files directly in your Google Drive from anyone through HTML forms created with HTMLService.
  3. Mail Merge with Gmail – Send personalized email messages to your contacts using the Gmail Merge add-on.
  4. Send to Google Drive – You can save your Email and Gmail attachments directly to Google Drive with the Save Emails add-on.
  5. Retweet & Favorite Bot – Another Twitter bot written in Google Scripts that will auto-retweet matching tweets.
  6. Gmail Autoresponder – Reply to one or more email messages in your Gmail using pre-written email templates.
  7. Website Uptime Monitor – Receive instant email and SMS alerts when your websites goes down. You can monitor all your web domains for free.
  8. Amazon Price Tracker – Keep track of prices of your favorite products on Amazon and get email alerts when the prices go down or up.
  9. Gmail Unsubscriber – Automatically unsubscribe your email address from mailing lists and bulk emails.
  10. Read Receipts in Gmail – Use Apps Script and Google Analytics to track your outgoing Gmail messages and get notified when people open and read your email.
  11. Advanced Gmail Filters – Have more control over the criteria for sorting incoming messages in your Gmail.
  12. Send Google Spreadsheets as PDF – You can setup a recurring task that will convert your spreadsheet to PDF and email to specific recipients as per schedule.

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